Changing Address Usage

Emma 02 will automatically select the correct memory usage type as long as the code is 'executed'. So to look at disassembled code just make sure the code is actually executed once in the current session.

The type can also be changed manually, as follows:

  1. Select the desired type via the choice button at the top right of the Direct Assembler tab (showing 1802 as default, in yellow ellipse below). The newly selected type should be shown directly in the left half of the Direct Assembler tab.
  2. Select either 'One' or 'Range' (orange ellipse) depending if one location or a range of locations need to be changed.
  3. Fill in the location to be changed (red ellipse), default this is the current 'working' location. And a range should be specified if 'Range' was selected.
  4. Press 'Mark' (blue ellipse)

Above example would mark address 0016 as 1802 code when 'Mark' is pressed, not resulting in any change.

To save type information please see chapter Program Configuration.

The following type choices are available: