How do I run a game or program on the COMX emulator?

The easiest way to run your favourite game or program on the COMX emulator is to load and run a '.comx' file by using the memory RUN feature (see steps below). All available SW is stored in the Comx directory (located in the application data directory, see Directory and File Structure) at installation.

  1. Start the Emma 02 emulator and make sure the COMX tab (yellow ellipse) is selected
  2. Press 'Start' (orange ellipse)
  3. Press the 'RUN' button (blue ellipse)
  4. Select the '.comx' file for the game or program that you want to run and 'double click' it or press 'Open'

Software can also be loaded from disk images or wav files, see help chapters on disk and cassette usage.