After initial start-up of Emma 02 a set of default configurations will be made available. All configurations (if available) are described per computer in the main sub chapters of the Computers chapter.

The configuration files are located in the following directory:


The configuration files can be re-installed at any time with the menu option below (yellow ellipse):


To load a pre defined computer configurations select one of items under the menu option below (yellow ellipse). This example shows the COMX configurations. For all computers the default setting is included in the 'Default' menu option.


To save a specific computer configuration, first make sure all setting for that computer are correct. Then select the menu option below (yellow ellipse):

A new window will open where it is possible to specify the 'Item Name' (yellow ellipse) and optionally the 'Sub Menu Name' (orange ellipse). The 'Item Name' will be used to define a menu item under the load menu. The optional 'Sub Menu Name' allows collecting related configurations under a sub menu. The drop down menu will show already defined sub menu's for this specific computer (orange ellipse). After pressing save the new configuration will be saved. If a configuration was loaded before the save request, a new window will open to confirm overwrite and replace the old menu or to create a new one.

The following settings are NOT saved in individual computer configurations but will be saved when saving the Emma 02 configuration on exit or manually when using menu item 'File/Configuration/Save All':

Note: a configuration saved in the Cosmac Elf, Elf II and Super Elf computers can be loaded back into any of these computers.


To delete a configuration from the menu select the configuration to be deleted under the menu option below (yellow ellipse):

Note: when installing a new version of Emma 02 the configuration menus will NOT be re-installed automatically. If so desired re-install the files as described at the start of this chapter.

Save All

To save all global and computer emulator specific settings select the menu option below (yellow ellipse):

Save All on Exit

To automatically save all global and computer emulator specific settings on Emma 02 exit check the menu option below (yellow ellipse):

Set Default (All)

To reset all computer emulator specific settings, 'Wav file and Real Cassette Settings' and 'Function and Hot Keys' back to Emma 02 defaults select menu option below (yellow ellipse).

Note: remaining global settings, SB Player name, location, email address and aliases will not be reset.