This chapter includes some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Emma 02 emulator:

How do I load my SW into an emulated computer?
I have a tape with old SW how do I load that into Emma 02?


How do I run a game or program on the COMX emulator?
When I select the 32K RAM card the COMX still states 30K at PR MEM
The COMX restarts when I give a DOS command
How do I start COMX BASIC, I just see a large COMX logo
Why do I see F&M BASIC and not COMX BASIC?


Why do I just get a black screen when I start the Cidelsa emulator?


How do I trace just a section of my code?


How do I emulate an Elf with sound support using the Q flag?


How do I start a Pico/Elf V2 emulator?